Dr. Tree Fruit and Don

Season 2 Episode 11: End of Season Maintenance

November 12, 2021 Penn State Extension Season 2 Episode 11
Dr. Tree Fruit and Don
Season 2 Episode 11: End of Season Maintenance
Show Notes

Kari, Greg, Rob, and Don discuss mole and vole control, insect control during late Fall/Winter (including an update on Lorsban (chlorpyrifos)), and some fungicidal techniques to improve the orchard before next season. 

Greg also requests grower feedback about worm (codling moth/oriental fruit moth) problems in their orchards. The lead image photo is the strange Pink Lady that’s discussed in the middle of the episode.

Don Seifrit (host)
Kari Peter (speaker)
Rob Crassweller (speaker)
Greg Krawczyk (speaker)
Lead Image: G. Krawczyk, Penn State

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Flight Seasonalities of Main Fruit Pests During the Growing Season
Weekly update information on trap counts for Codling Moth, Obliquebanded Leafroller, Oriental Fruit Moth, Redbanded Leafroller, Spotted Tentiform Leafminer, and Tufted Apple Bud Moth during the 2023 growing season.